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 [AD] JohnMs {v62}{NON-HAM}{5000/1000/10}

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[AD] JohnMs {v62}{NON-HAM}{5000/1000/10} Empty
PostSubject: [AD] JohnMs {v62}{NON-HAM}{5000/1000/10}   [AD] JohnMs {v62}{NON-HAM}{5000/1000/10} EmptyTue Jul 28, 2009 4:09 am

Hello everyone, JohnMs is now open to public!

Our rates are: 5000x EXP/1000x Meso/10x Drop
This is a NON-hamachi server!

Server Features:

-Drop Cards/Exp Cards work
-Pets work like they do in GMS, they walk toward items as well (including robos)
-Working Cash Shop
-Skill Macros Work
-All non-pirate skills work, only 2-3 pirate skills are broken
-Arrows drop normally
-Reborns work at 200+
-Super Rebirth!
-Ring Effects - Possibly Full
-Monster Skills
-Monster Effects
-Guilds and BBS, old stuff
-Teleport rocks work, Smegas work
-Everything with pets work
-Chairs Work
-Summons, Commands, Morphs, Salons Work, GM Map has hair/eye changer
-Guild Works
-Trade Button Warps to FM
-Parties working


-Meteorite trades 1 Gold Leaf for 1 billion mesos and vice versa
-Sera maxes skills, gives random job items
-Robin resets stats and adds in stats
-Spinel warps to towns and monster maps
-Cody changes jobs including pirate
-Mr Oh is our all in one shop npc, he sells everything you can think of for 200mesos!
-O-Pongo sells buffs
-Nara is the Donator Point NPC
-Shanks is in the FM, does all of the above.
-Adobis manages Zakum squads
-Coco Sells Fame


-Henesys PQ
-Kerning PQ
-LudiMaze PQ
-Ludi PQ
-Zakum PQ
-Guild PQ


Player Commands:

- @checkstats - Check your stats including reborn times.
- @checkkarma - See how much karma you have.
- @dispose - Use if you're stuck.
- @emo - Sets your HP to 0.
- @expfix - Fixes negative EXP.
- @shanks - Shows Shanks.
- @cody - Shows Cody - Job Advancer including 1st job.
- @spinel - Shows Spinel the wraper.
- @fredrick - Shows Fredrick - JohnMs Mega Store.
- @allinone - Shows Mr. Shim - JohnMs All in 1 shop (Very Cheap!)
- @superrebirth - Opens Super Rebirth NPC.

Our website is:

Come join us! very fun server!
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[AD] JohnMs {v62}{NON-HAM}{5000/1000/10}
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